Members of the Japan Reishi Association consist of Reishi industry leaders in Japan dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of product quality and business practices.

Nikkei Co., Ltd.
Gunma-ken, Japan

Ain Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan

Seiken Well Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan

SF Plan Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan

Health Way Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan

Moa Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan

Umeken Co., Ltd.
Osaka, Japan

Tawa- life Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan

Kinshi Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.
Saitama, Japan

Myougi Nava Farm Co., Ltd.
Gunma, Japan


The Japan Reishi Association strives to protect the interests and benefits of its members and is determined to hold any fraudulent merchant liable in giving the industry a bad reputation. JRA works closely with a team of legal professionals in enforcing the missions of the Association.


Authorized overseas agents are verified by the Members of Japan Reishi Association to promote and monitor the market situation of Japanese Reishi products throughout the world.



These manufacturers have been recognized by Japan Reishi Association  as producers of genuine Japanese reishi.