Warning by Consumer's Association: “Reishi spore oil does not have medical effect”

2007/12/18 - 14:38:02

From China Consumer's Association (English translation)


China Consumer’s Association is announcing a warning to the public that reishi spore oil does not have any medical effect and has nothing to do with cancer treatments. The content of the warning says that some companies had been over advertising the medical effects of reishi spore oil. This kind of activity is illegal and against regulations and has been misleading to consumers.


China Consumer’s Association noticed that some of the companies were about to upgrade their advertising and propaganda into a higher level so that they can emphasize the medical effect of reishi spore oil - they even refer to reishi spore oil as “fllowing liquid gold.”


According to the confirmation made by the Chinese government related department, red reishi and purple reishi are Chinese traditional medicine; and certain parts of these reishi had been said effective for tumours, but the oil from the spores is only a kind of fat and has nothing to do with cancer treatments. The reishi spore oil products had never obtained any licences from China's main pharmaceutical authorities and controllers, nor have reishi spore oil products’ medical effects been approved by any institutions and associations.