How to Join

Who Is eligible?

Membership in the Japan Reishi Association is open to manufacturers of Japan reishi health food products and reishi growers in Japan.

Membership dues

Membership is free provided all the criteria for membership are met. JRA Holographic Labels can be purchased through the Japan Reishi Association on a voluntarily basis.

How to join?

Manufacturers of fungi health food products such as Reishi (ganoderma lucidum) in Japan that are sold domestically or internationally are encouraged to join the Japan Reishi Association by emailing our membership officer at members@japan-reishi.org for application package.

Approved members may also obtain holographic labels through the Association to place on their authentic Japanese Reishi products.

Applicants for JRA membership must be engaged in the growing of reishi or manufacturing of reishi health food supplementary products in Japan. To be eligible for application, all of the following criteria must be met:

Membership Criteria

  1. Business is a Japanese establishment.
    Proof of documents
    1. Business License
    2. Certificate of Incorporation
    3. Business Registered and Office Addresses
  2. Reishi Health Food Supplementary Product is Japanese manufactured.
    Proof of documents
    1. Certificate of Origin
    2. Analysis Certificate conducted by a legitimate Food Laboratories in Japan showing the name of the product analyzed, company requesting the service, etc.
    3. Ingredients Listing
    4. Product brochure
    5. Recognized membership with other Japan Health Food Association, if any