What is the Japan Reishi Association?

The Japan Reishi Association is an international non-profit organization supported by industry leaders and government organizations. We are dedicated to helping maintain the highest standards of product quality and business practices in the Reishi industry worldwide by informing consumers about Japan Reishi health food products and manufacturers.

  • inform the general public about Reishi, Reishi-related health food products and their manufacturers;
  • protect consumers from fraudulent producers and marketers of counterfeit Reishi products;
  • set and aid in the enforcement of industry standards for product quality and ethical business practices;
  • work with authentic Japanese Reishi product manufacturers and international government organizations to alert the public about products and manufacturers that fail to meet these standards.

The Chairman - Fumimaru Mayuzumi

As chairman of the Japan Reishi Association, Fumimaru Mayuzumi continues to uphold a long family tradition of growing and supplying fine mushrooms.

The Mayuzumi family has been cultivating high quality mushrooms in Gumma Prefecture, a mountainous area located in the northwest corner of the Kantō region.

Mayuzumi studied and received his degree in mycology, the scientific study of fungi, at the Department of Applied Microbiology at Tokyo Agricultural University. Afterwards, for four years, he began developing his own original method for cultivating the Reishi mushroom.

Mayuzumi went on to found Nikkei Co.,Ltd. in 1976 in order to cultivate Reishi. In 1988, the company Seiken Well Co.,Ltd. was established for the purpose of expanding sales of Reishi throughout Japan, at which time Mayuzumi took on his current role of Seiken Well Company President.

For over 25 years, Mayuzumi has dedicated himself to promoting a greater understanding of the wonderful benefits of Reishi and to ensuring the high quality of Reishi goods.