Special Announcement

Our association is grieving over the recent Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. Having experienced one of the most powerful earthquakes in recorded history, thousands have been impacted. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the people suffering from this tragedy. We wish to assist in relief efforts at keeping losses to a minimum through donations.

People suffering in affected areas are in urgent need of supplies. The JRA is asking all available parties and organizations to please donate generously for all Japanese earthquake and tsunami victims. If you require tax receipts for your donation, please contact the following Red Cross organizations:

North America - CanadaUSA

Asia - Japan (Japanese English), Hong KongThailand, Vietnam (Vietnamese English), China

Europe - European Union (EU)

Oceania - Australia

The JRA appreciates your concern for the people in Japan and thank you for your continued support of Japanese Reishi products.

Japanese Reishi Association (JRA) March 18, 2011